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healing our birth experiences
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Due to the sensitive nature of the community, there is a need for moderated/closed membership.

This community is for those of us who have had a traumatic experience during pregnancy, birth or postpartum. We are here for those who have had c-sections, those who have had vaginal births, those who have been disregarded by doctors or nurses, those who planned homebirths or unassisted births but were transferred to the hospital, those who were unable to fight hospital protocols, those whose births just did not go as planned.. basically, those of us who had bad experiences.

Giving birth is a sacred experience. Bringing a new life into the world is one of the most important things we will ever do or be involved in. Often in our culture, we are not treated with the respect we deserve when we are birthing. Until we learn to heal from our own experiences, we will not be able to heal our societal fear of birth as a whole.

We prefer to focus on the positive in this community and hope that everyone who joins is truly interested in healing.

Community Guidelines:

  • Remember: no matter how much worse someone else's birth may seem, your experience and feelings are important too. Don't refrain from telling your story because you think it's not awful enough to share. This is not a place to play "my birth was worse than yours". It is a place for support and healing.

  • Respect and tactfulness are of high importance when responding to others' stories. Anyone who causes drama in this community will be banned without warning.

  • Do not delete comments or posts. It is considered a bannable offense. Be accountable for what you say within the community.

  • This is not a pregnancy support community. There are some resources below for other communities that may be more applicable for women who are currently pregnant.

  • Feel free to contact the community moderator, curvedmetal, with any questions or comments.

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